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John DunneJohn Dunne J.P. — You know the story, born and bred Cantabrian, baby boomer, part of the local furniture and not leaving any time soon! Sums up John perfectly!

In a Broadcasting career currently spanning 5 decades, John is as passionate as ever about Canterbury and Christchurch and in what is has to offer. Born and bred there and well widely travelled overseas, home is where the heart is ! He’s roamed, biked, skied and sailed to every corner of the wider province, visiting nearly every bar and watering hole on offer, so has a pretty good idea of what the locals are about. Everyone seems to know him, as he knows most of them !

On leaving St Bede’s College in 1973, where he’d been a handy enough rugby player in a champion 1st XV, John settled for the farming life, enrolling in the then Lincoln College Dip Ag and VFM course. He worked in the Rakaia Gorge, near what was to become Terrace Downs Golf Resort. Later he would spend time with mates on fishing boats in Akaroa, notching trips to the Chathams and beyond. However media would become his staple diet, as a Breakfast Radio Host, primarily in Christchurch – where he had lengthy associations with the perenial Barry Corbett and then especially Ken Ellis, at NewstalkZB in Christchurch. John was also a Regional Television Anchor through the 1980′s with TVNZ, working radio in the morning and TV at night. He also had a stint as a presenter on ONE News when then host Richard Long was away for a period, that also encompassed the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. He was subsequently offered a ‘news presenting ‘ role, yet opted to return to Christchurch and the ‘ Mainland ‘, rather than live in Auckland.

Nevertheless, John has scored numerous radio awards and acknowledgements since the mid 70′s and was consistently rated one of the country’s best radio rugby commentators, where his “calls” were carried by the BBC, ABC, SABC et al, as well as across a number of NZ networks, yet being a home body and red and black through and through, turned down offers to travel as tour commentator with All Blacks.

His quirky sense of humour, superior presentation, superb writing skills, grasp of satire and current affairs, has seen him published in many “forms”, with his ready ability for the witty “verse”, especially sort after.

John’s from a family of achievers. Their Mum’s father was an All Black, her husband, a business leader locally, while John’s older brother Peter, has been a long time parliamentarian, another Brian, a seasoned and hugely popular educationalist and his sister Barbara, the one to keep ” all the boys ” grounded. John and Ruth, between them, had three boys, the youngest since deceased, two grandaughters ( so far )…and a cat !

John Dunne lives and breathes Canterbury, from from Castle Hill Mountain Village, where he lives half of most weeks of the year and the Porters Ski Area, to the Peninsula, the lakes and Waipara Wine District and every nook and cranny in between.

Please feel free to get in touch, anytime..and check John’s services, from Marriage, Civil Union, same sex and Celebration of Life Celebrant, for any life skills support, to tour planning, ski instruction, writing or proofreading assistance…phew !!

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