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The seasons come and go, though the places and the characters still remain…like these KEA,  photographed by well known PORTER’S Ski Area staff member Alan Lelieveld.


Yet we’re drawn from this…


To this…


Along with everything in between…


Diverse, vast and exciting !! So whatever your preference, come exploring with me ! Check  on Tripadvisor  or make your enquiry here.

Also, check out my other services…from weddings with an outdoor theme, to the Easy Rider’s Masters skiing programme in season, to auctioneering or PR and Media advice and assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  1. Jay P, San Franciso says:

    We spent three days with John Dunne, who drove us to Franz Joseph and then to Christchurch. He was superb – helpful, attentive, flexible and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
    25 April, Jay P, San Francisco
    Tripadvisor 25 April 2016

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