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John Dunne – Personal Tour Guide, Ski Host and ‘ Easy Rider Gang’, ski programme coach.

John Dunne - Ski Host





Personally Guided Tours

Miss a trip on one of my tours at your peril ! The commentary is informative, entertaining and often cheeky.

Canterbury Trails have a range of personally guided tours, for all seasons and all destinations. Check us out at  Canterbury Trails has a superb rating on Trip Advisor and it’d my pleasure to host you here ‘ at our place ‘.

Being a born and bred Cantabrian, I’ve roamed, biked, skied and sailed to every corner of this province, visiting nearly every cafe and watering hole, so I’ve a pretty good idea of what the locals are about. I know quite a lot of them and quite a few of them know me. I live and breathe the place.

Easy Riders Gang Skiing

In the winter join me at the PORTERS Ski Area and the ‘ closest chairlift to Christchurch ‘, with my ‘ Easy Riders Gang ‘  ski programme  ( for ski area info ).  This is a specially designed programme for skiers, who thought they were past it, want to take it up again, or for anyone of any age who might have skiing on their bucket list !!



For more information on any of the services please contact me direct.

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