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Impressive eh…the exist point of the underground stretch of Cave Stream into Broken River, in the Castle Hill Basin.


Hundreds head into the darkness here every year on a voyage of discovery, it’s a bit like getting married.



You know you wanna go there, even though the path ahead will have it’s twists and turns…

This is where I can it a wedding, civil union or a celebration of life…and out of the way places, are a specialty.

On a mountain, a skifield, up a valley…by the tranquility of a favourite stream…


Or perhaps a place like Castle Hill Village, a centre of the Universe, on the Great Alpine Highway 73, appeals..


Simply check out  for details, as well as for the host of other services I offer.

Remember also my personally guided tours around the South Island, Akaroa, Arthurs Pass and Kaikoura with  I look forward to hearing from you soon.






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