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Arthurs Pass Surprise

Long time Arthurs Pass residents and the unofficial Mayoress and Mayor of that stunning alpine village, Judy and John Charles were treated to a surprise night out by locals recently.

Such has been their influence and dedication to the place, Judy as a JP, marriage celebrant, artist and community stalwart, John as the seemingly perennial park ranger, historian and mischief maker, that their devotion and presence here simply couldn’t go unnoticed. So a bunch of locals got together and arranged a sort of  ‘ these are your lives… ‘ acknowledgment evening in the local education centre.


Judy and John Charles seen here with John Dunne at the surprise night in their honour


It went incredibly well with about 130, including their family, packing the place, contributing food and refreshments.

Both Judy and John especially, were taken completely by surprise and I was honoured to have been a small part of the hugely successful event as the presenter.

Judy actually saying in a thank you note afterwards ‘ that John Dunne has become the Wizard of all things west of the Porters Ski Area…’, which was very sweet and humbling.

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