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Find your way around

As with all sites, there are always a number of different things to see.

As with most mazes, once you know the secret, the maze becomes fairly easy to negotiate. So without mucking around, here is the secret


The Home Page (  This page gives you all the links you need to get to all the pages. The four main services

work out the mazeCelebrant

There is also the about page that gives you a bit of background.

If you want to make contact then the Contact page is the best place to do that. It has the email address, phone number and also a contact form that sends a message right from the talkingUPcanterbury site.

On the right hand side of the pages is a notification box. Here you can add your email address and you will be automatically notified any time a new talkingUPcanterbury News article gets published. Also on the right hand side you can search for any info on the site. (this info is not on the front home page though)

All the legal info can be found at the bottom of each page… our Privacy Policy and also the Terms and Conditions for anyone using the website are there.

So that is the secret information you need to negotiate the talkingUPcanterbury site, enjoy and let me know what you think by commenting in the comments below (comments are available on all the News Items) or sending me an email to

Oh and like the facebook page too. It all helps when it comes to Talking Up Canterbury!

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