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Skiing With John Dunne

Meet Chris and Carol White from the UK, yet living here now ! These Guys are the latest to have experienced my Masters / learn / first time / return to skiing programme, that I host at the Porters Ski Area.


They were absolute charmers, yet they didn’t half make it easy…” I’ve never skied and don’t imagine it ever possible anyway…” laughed Chris, while Carol added  ” I’d had a go a on school trip…30 years ago… “. Yet neither of them looked old enough to match the claims they’d made, so immediately I smelled a rat. As it turned out, my suspicions, were well founded ! Despite some truth to their claims, their near instant grasp of what it was I asked them to do, clearly resonated. Within a morning, then an afternoon, they were both nailing it, on fire, in concert with the mountains and at one with each other…

Or just maybe, it had something to do with the simplicity of the programme?.

Check out the Ski Porters website for my Program (at the bottom of the page) Email or ph me on 022 601 4640, with your specific requests and let’s see where this might lead us !!

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